My Back To School List Always Includes Kleenex! #KleenexBTS

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Hey All!

As a champion of healthy schools and kids, Kleenex brand is supporting the Back to School Season! This year, Kleenex brand and Box Tops for Education are working together to share tips for the Back to School season. Each Box Tops coupon found on more 240 participating products is worth 10 cents for your school, making Box Tops an easy way your school to earn money for the things they need, like Kleenex Everyday Tissue with Sneeze Shield! To date, the Kleenex brand has donated $13 million to Box Tops for Education! How amazing is that! I collect those little coupons every year and they help so many schools. It’s an amazing program and it’s great to see a great company like Kleenex helping schools and supporting education.


This is one of the reasons why Kleenex always makes my Back to School List. It’s a must have! Kleenex brand (America’s softest tissue) promotes healthy kids with new Kleenex Everyday Tissue with Sneeze Shield, which is now thicker and more absorbent to help keep the wet stuff off kids’ hands. Plus they come in a variety of portable and convenient package sizes for use on ­the­ go. These colorful and fun travel packs seen below fit perfectly into your kids backpacks for school. We don’t leave home with out Kleenex in my purse or in their backpacks for back to school. Kleenex also doesn’t agitate their sensitive noses when they use them often.


Featuring Kleenex and Back To School Products From Target.

Allergies, colds and germs are every where during back to school time and it’s great to have something like Kleenex there to help keep your kids clean when you’re not with them. Each year, Hispanic moms send their kids back­ to­ school knowing they will be exposed to germs. Even though facial tissue is required in every classroom, moms may not be aware of how Kleenex brand tissues can help keep their kids’ hands clean – or how they support schools. The Kleenex brand knows Hispanic families put great priority on their children’s education. Being a Latina I’m glad to use and support a brand that cares so much about Hispanic Families.

My back to school list is usually pretty short and it’s usually filled with things the kids actually need like Kleenex. If your kids are going back to school they will also need a great backpack like these two above I found searching online. Kids love backpacks that are fun or have their favorite characters on them. How cute is Hello Kitty and the little pre-school backpack that looks like a dog. They are adorable and have enough compartments to fit everything your kids need for school like your Kleenex. It’s always great to have your kids with a backpack filled with everything your kids need for school. Crayons, Calculators, Pencils, pens, and coloring paper are always on the list as well. We usually go through those products very quickly as they often get lost.

Polka dots are a big hit with me and my family so I thought these cute polka dot notebooks and binders are a must have. I love the colors and they are so fun for back to school.

Those are the main things on this years back to school list. I hope you got some ideas on what to add to your list. I’m sure Kleenex will make your lists as well this year.

What’s on your back to school list?



  1. says

    We just finished ordering the last of our curriculum for our daughter’s senior year! Yikes where does the time go? I remember when Kleenex was on the school supply list for her many years ago :)

  2. says

    I don’t want to even think about back to school already but having a lot of Kleenex is not even a question. My daughter loves having the little packages in her backpack.

  3. says

    With three kids, each having a specific list, we will certainly be including some boxes of Kleenex for the classrooms along with our school supplies.

  4. says

    We always buy Kleenex as it is on the list of items to bring to the classroom. I go through some many each week I’m always buying a box at the store.

  5. Angela says

    Polka dots are also a big hit at my house. Those little mini packs of Kleenex are a must have for backpacks.

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