How Do You Style Your Cell Phone? #Technology #Style


Hey All!

I just have to say I love my new iPhone 5. I just felt like I needed to share this with you all today. I’m very fortunate to be able to attend great events to bring you great stories for this blog, and one of the tools I always use is my Apple iPhone 5 while I’m out and about at these events. I have mine connected with my favorite service as you know Verizon. Whether I’m using it for the Web, photos, movies, games, or to link with you all on Social media, it’s a must have when I’m home and at events. The graphics and the camera are exceptional and 4G LTE data from Verizon is unbeatable.


I can’t put my phone down and I would never in a million years think to ever sell phone. The one thing I do love the most about my cell phone is all the fun cases I can get for the phone. I’ve turned mine into a Star Wars phone as you can see all my amazing cases above.

The chewbacca case is fury and the C3PO has wiring with a beautiful gold finish. My favorite case has to be the R2-D2 case as I used to have an actual R2-D2 Droid Cell phone and loved it! Since I switched to the iPhone I’m trying to keep my inner geek alive.

How do you style your phone?


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    I love all of the awesome cases available for my iPhone these days! Although I just designed an awesome Day of the Dead case, I do prefer my heavy duty Otterbox to ensure that my phone won’t shatter the next time I drop it (and I always drop it!)

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    As much as I wouldn’t mind going for style for mine I went with protection and mine is plain black. My daughter wants a ‘sparkly’ case but I won’t let her change it.

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