Closed-My Week With The Acura ILX! & Amazing An #Giveaway #Feature! #weekwithILX

Hey All!

I’m super excited to announce I was chosen to spend the week having some fun with an Acura ILX! It’s an amazing car and it was just delivered to me!

It’s a Hybrid which makes it even more awesome! I’m so going to enjoy hitting the town and spending time with my family doing some amazing things with this car!

If you have any questions or thoughts on the car feel free to let me know as you Follow along and Interact with me this week as I have the car by leaving comments on whatever you fancy as I use the Hashtag #weekwithILX this week on my Twitter @queenofswag4u, on Faceboook on, on Faceboook on Pinterest at, and on Instagram username thequeenofswag or on Followgram the web version of Instagram.

I’ll be taking the car with me to Disneyland, to the Red Carpet at the O-You Oprah Magazine Event! Yes Oprah!, and all around LA so stay tuned for all the fun!

And there is a GIVEAWAY!


If you leave a comment HERE or RESPOND OR COMMENT ON ANY of my posts featuring the Hashtag #weekwithILX on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram during this week answering the question “What would do if Acura gave YOU an ILX for a week?” 

You could win a free week with the Acura ILX or YOU could WIN $50 or $100 gift cards! So make sure you leave your comment below telling me “What would do if Acura gave YOU an ILX for a week?” And make sure you’re following along and commenting on all my social media links so you can win! All you have to do is comment and feel free to like and share those posts if you like the pics and car or whatever I’m doing this week!

Acura will be monitoring this blog post and all my social media links throughout the week and they themselves will be picking the winners from their responses. Unfortunately I will not be picking the winners. I will only be sharing the winners info to Acura! Be sure to leave your valid email address with your comments below or I will try to hunt you down via all my social media links!

Good Luck everyone and can’t wait to begin sharing with you my amazing week with my Acura ILX! Remember watch out for all my posts labeled with the Hashtag #weekwithILX!

I’m taking my ILX to Disneyland today! What would do if Acura gave THEM an ILX for a week?

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  1. says

    If Acura gave us an ILX for a week I think I would convince my Hubby to take a day trip to San Diego or Santa Barbara – it would be a great time to see either city and not use our SUV when gas prices are crazy high in Southern California right now. I read up on their mpg and it’s great! I’ve been a fan of Acura since my friends in high school had ‘em back in the 90s but have never had one of my own!

    Have a great time at Disneyland!

  2. says

    If I won, I would leave early every morning to enjoy a drawn-out drive to work! I would drive out to see my parents on the weekend and I would offer to take friends and/or the teenagers I volunteer with places they needed to be! Any excuse to enjoy that car. I love Acuras! :)

  3. says

    VERY pretty car, and I have been wanting to try a hybrid for a while now.

    I have a 40 minute commute one-way to work each day, so I would definitely take the Acura to/from work!

  4. Linda Kwolek says

    If I go to borrow a Acura ILX for a week, I’dgo to N.C. to visit my parnts. I’m in MI with a vehicleused by 3 and ont i’s last leg.

  5. says

    If I won an Acrura ILX for a week, I would make excuses to drive everywhere. Soccer games, taking the kids to school, driving my hubby to work. I would definitely plan a day trip and see the sights: beaches, fall colors, anywhere and everywhere! Thanks so much for the chance!


  6. says

    If I got an Acura for a week I would be driving as much as usual (which is daily), but probably find some extra time to go out..maybe a little roadtrip. I would love to see what a hybrid was like.

  7. says

    If Acura gave me an ILX for a week? I’m thinking a lovely long drive up PCH, with perhaps a few stops at the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, the Paso Robles wine region, San Francisco (where my daughter lives), Mendocino’s wine region. Are we seeing a pattern here?

  8. says

    If Acura gave me an ILX for a week, I’d test the hybrid’s true gas savings. I drive a hybrid now, but it’s such a big, heavy car that I think a regular ol’ sedan that isn’t a hybrid probably gets the same mileage. So…I’d drive up and down PCH, to see how far a tank of gas can take me in this Acura!

  9. says

    Wow!! If Acura gave me an ILX for a week, I’d definitely take a road trip with just the hubby and me! We totally deserve a mini-vacation away from the kiddos before baby Smith #4 arrives!! I would love to test this car’s gas savings out!!

  10. says

    we are looking for a new car. so this would be a perfect opportunity to try out an acura as we have been interested in them in the past. can’t wait!!! #weekwithILX

  11. says

    I’m really not sure what I would do if I got an Acura ILX for a week. Our car mostly sits in the driveway as it is because we live in East TX and need a truck most of the time!! But I would definitely drive to Houston for the day!!!

  12. says

    Wow, if I got an Acura ILX for a week I would first pinch myself. What a killer looking car!! Since I live in San Diego, I don’t think I would go out of town. I would take it all of town and also show it off to all my friends. Would probably take lots of pics of the great locations around town, take some Instagram pics and create an awesome story of the great time I had driving this new car. A dream I guess, but sounds like fun to me!

  13. Yvonne Condes says

    If I had that car for a week I would pack the kids and drive to Tucson to see my family. It would be nice to drive a smaller car.

  14. says

    I have always wanted to try a hybrid! Since we now only have 3 kids living with us instead of four, we are talking about buying a compact car and keeping the minivan for when all four are here! This might be the perfect solution!

  15. Norm Parker says

    I love the styling of this Acura.ILX. It looks like a sports car and the fact that it is a hybrid is an added bonus. The next car I buy will definitely be a hybrid because I need great gas mileage and I am sure I would love test driving this car for a week.

  16. says

    Welllllll….. I live in the Atlanta area. My first thing would be to show off the car at work. I travel to about ten different schools a week. I would document my weekly travels as I go and visit my site and attend meetings. I would make sure to go to dinner in the city. I will make it a point to finally go to Karaoke in Buckhead. It would be a fun opportunity for me to drive in style! I do that all week anyway with my job, why not push an Ack? (Hip hop translation = Drive an Acura). Enjoy! :)

  17. Mary Calabrese says

    I would drive to all of my friends’ houses to show it off to them. And I’d post photos of me in it on my Facebook page!

  18. says

    Since I don’t have any time off, I’d make the ILX do the commute that all LA Natives dislike … get on the 10 freeway and go to and from work. :P If I was really sadistic, I’d drive it on the 101 and 405, too! I’d also try to get some ‘fun’ driving done by zooming around to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner with friends in LA and OC.

  19. Heather S says

    I would go on a fun road trip through the scenic mountains. It would be relaxing to be in touch with nature and of course driving a cool car.

  20. Amanda Hendricks-Selby says

    wow. ever since my car broke down two years ago, i’ve been car-less. I think the first thing i’d do is go on a real grocery shopping outing, not just buy based on what i could carry.
    Then I’d take my family on a day trip to Mount Rainier!

  21. says

    If Acura gave me an ILX for a week, I would be overjoyed and super excited! I have always wanted to drive an Acura (I have owned Hondas, BMWs, and now a Mercedes Benz). I am currently looking to purchase a hybrid vehicle to transport my young sons to their sports, extracurricular activities, and now social events as well as getting me here-there-everywhere for work, errands, etc. I’m looking forward to following your commentary on the new Acura ILX!

  22. Amy says

    Id give my tired old van a rest…it’s old and deserves a rest since there’s 6-7 of us without neighbor kids and it’s the only vehicle we have and it’s over 15 years old.

  23. Kelly D says

    I would take the kids to school all week and then on the weekend we would take a trip to Lancaster, PA to enjoy the pumpkin farms and pretty scenary this time of the year. Thanks.

  24. Crystal Warren says

    I think I’d have to have a great road trip weekend with the kids…the leaves here in WV are still breathtaking in their fall colors and we’d have to have a little road trip to see the leaves last gift of beauty to us! Our state has some quirky fall festivals coming up in the last days of fall like some pumpkin festivals or walnut festivals so we’d pick one (or two) and enjoy some native fun!

  25. Geneva White says


  26. says

    I would pull my little dude out of school for a day trip down to savannah so we could hit the beach.Then we’d drive through the TN mountains and kentucky taking pictures!

  27. Amanda Phillips says

    If I won an Acura for a week, I would test out the MPHs! I’v been thinking about buying a hybrid but with so many different people giving diferent information about it, I haven’t made up my mind to take the plunge to buy one yet. This could really go far to convince me one way or the other. I’d do a lotof in town drivng and take a road trip o Dallas just to check out all of its features and comfortable-ness for longer trips since I already spend over an hour per day in my car.

  28. JMerced says

    Thank you for sharing your blog. I love the car. I am tempted to run to an Acura Dealer and test it for myself.

  29. Susan Smith says

    If I got an Acura ILX for a week I’d take a weekend trip to visit my family in Omaha. I have a 10 year old car and the ride is a bit rough so I know I would enjoy the comfortable ride of the Acura.

  30. susan smoaks says

    i would take the car on a road trip to atlanta for the week, it looks like such a fun ride, i would have to call in sick for the week and vacation with that car!

  31. says

    I would probably take a few morning trips to a coffee shop and go on a shopping trip with my baby girl. She loves shopping at malls! It would be so nice since our 2nd vehicle is in pretty bad shape and I’m afraid to drive it anywhere especially with our daughter!

  32. Sarah M. says

    If Acura gave me this car for a week…and I could pick any week to use it… my husband and I would drive it on our road trip from NH to Branson, MO in April 2013. We are going to the national chimney sweep convention, and it would be SO MUCH NICER to drive this car than our uncomfortable minivan!!

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